Do you create 3D models on demand?

Yes, tell us about your project and we will do our best to fill your needs. We will be happy to work on it!

Which native software you use for creating the models?

The 3D stadiums are created with the native SketchUp program.

Where can I find out more information about model licenses?

In the following link and just inside each downloaded model, there is the license agreement document, where you will find more information about. If you need to know more about licenses, do not hesitate to contact us. https://geniusandgerry.com/pages/product-licens

Which are the main characteristics of the models?

Starter model, Models to approximate scale, not real scale, no animated, no rigged, no UV Mapping. We have an example 3D model available so you can test our method with your perspectives, contact us to obtain it.

Which are the available formats for the 3D models?

The formats you will receive once you make the purchase are the following: .3ds (multiformat), .obj (multiformat), .fbx (multiformat), .dae (Collada), .dwg (AutoCad), .dxf (AutoCad),. skp (native SketchUp), .wrl.

Can you request a refund?

Genius&Gerry is not responsible for the product not meeting customer expectations. In this way, we ask for special attention to all the details of the images and consult in case of doubts. In these cases, refunds will not be accepted.

Can purchased models be used to create NFTs for Metaverse and other platforms?

The 3D models on this page are not commercially exploitable models on any digital platform, the so-called Metaverse and NFT's. For image and copyright reasons, we cannot sell them for Metaversos external to the entity.

We restrict and limit this model for any digital platform in which the tracking of sale to third parties of this 3D model is lost.

It is the buyer's responsibility not to infringe illegalities with our models.

We reserve the right to make changes and updates to the contents of this legal section on the Metaverse and NFT's without prior notice.

Are the models available ready for 3D printing?

Our models are not ready for 3D printing, but you can modify them for correct printing. However, we do not provide this service.

Are you preparing the 3D models for viewing in VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality)?

No, our service is based only in the creation of models, we do not prepare or do post-production for VR and AR.

What payment methods are available to buy a model?

Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and through the contact form.

How can I download my model?

Right after payment, you will be redirected to another link where you can download the model. The model is compressed into a .zip, which contains the following: License agreement, folder with the textures of the model, and the formats mentioned above.

Are there any limits for downloading the files?

Yes, you can download the files twice as a maximum. In case you need more downloads, you should contact us.

Will I receive an invoice once I make the purchase?

Just when confirming the order, you will find a form where you are asked to include your Tax Identification Number (VAT, NIF, TIN, NIT, SIN ...). In this way, you will immediately receive the purchase confirmation with your data and your corresponding invoice later.

Where can I find the legal data?

Our legal data as well as the Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Legal Notice can be found in the bottom menu of the website.

Will you continue creating 3D models in the future?

Our mission is not to stop creating models from all over the world, thus favoring the technological era, and to focus on the multimedia digitization of stadiums and buildings.

Do you only create stadiums?

As you can see in the shop menu of the website there are only stadiums, but we also have a portfolio of world buildings already created, but not for sale. In case you want a particular building, contact us.


We hope with these questions we had been able to solve your possible doubts.

We will be happy to tell you more in case you need it!